Annotated Bibliography

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This work contains many interesting first hand accounts from the areas along the Tuscarawas River.

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The Heritage Society put together, in part as a bicentennial project, a small collection of photos and advertisements featuring various scenes and businesses from the Canal Fulton area.

Canal Fulton Heritage Society. The Canawler. Canal Fulton, Ohio: The Signal Newspaper, 1971 - 1976.

In 1967, the Exchange Bank Company - Ed Harriman President - presented the first publication of The Canawler and for the next several years the publication highlited the efforts being put into the restoration of the canal - largely culminating in the operation of the St. Helena II canal boat. With the II's completion in 1970, the Heritage Soicety, in 1971, took over publication of this print and it served as the Society's newsletter through the next several years - featuring current news and announcements mingled with tidbits of the past (just one more means the Heritage Society used to help fill our mission).

The Exchange Bank Company. The Canawler. Canal Fulton, Ohio: The Signal Newspaper, 1968 - 1970.

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Rogue's Hollow, laying just beyond Clinton, added quite a bit of local flavor to the area and Frey's research has brought many colorful stories to light.

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Gantz' history of the early years of the St. Helena II is the most complete written account of this vessel - which isn't surprising considering he was among the key players in her story.

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Knepper is a well known and respected local historian and while this particular work is briefer than others it offers a well rounded glimpse of Ohio.

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This work offers a variety of viewpoints all focusing on various aspects of the all important Ohio & Erie Canal and locating it amidst the feverish response with which the canals were regarded in the early-mid 1800's.

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.

Too frequently, too many people fail to understand the interconnectedness of the natural world all around us - both of how it affects us and we affect it.

Ohio History Connection.

The Ohio History Connection, formerly the Ohio Historical Society, has loads of resources on all different aspects of Ohio history, many fascinating sites to visit all across the state and lots of helpful articles on their website.

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This compilation offers a cursory glimpse into the histories of Stark County and each of its townships and cities as well as some biographical sketches of then prominent community members.

Porter, Burton P. Old Canal Days. Columbus, Ohio: Heer Printing Co., 1942.

Porter's Old Canal Days regales the reader with countless anecdotal tales of late 1800's Canal Fultonians. However, if attempting to use this book as a strict historical reference, the reader should be aware that Porter may, perhaps, flavor some of these accounts with a bit of legend*. Never-the-less, as the character Burt Lee is a pseudonym Porter created for himself much of this work, aside from being good story telling, is a first hand narrative.

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This work offers a nice overview of those Native Americans and tribes that once dwelt in the Ohio Territory.

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While the Sanborn Company intended such maps for purposes of fire insurance, the historian praises them for the overall data they can supply about yester-year.

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More than half a decade worth of Mr. Simpson's regular articles were selected and edited down to fit into this single book.

Streby, Waldo M. Nostalgia. 1978.

Streby's Nostalgia takes the reader on a whirlwind reminiscence of early 1900's Canal Fulton.

Streby, Waldo M. - various hand drawn sketches -

Streby, aside from authoring the book Nostalgia, sketched various scenes from the Canal Fulton he grew up in.

Woods, Terry K. The Ohio & Erie Canal: A Glossary of Terms, Second Edition Revised and Expanded, (Kent, OH: The Kent State University Press, 2011.

Woods has been quite active in the canaling world and no less familiar with the local canal scene (he assisted as a day-laborer in painting the St. Helena II during her construction and has even served at times as a docent in our own Museum). This specific work highlights terminology and practices used locally on the Ohio & Erie Canal - as opposed to broader US canal lingo and methods.

Woods, Terry K. Ohio's Grand Canal: A Brief History of the Ohio & Erie Canal. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 2008.

Woods book herein offers a fine overall picture of the life of the Ohio & Erie Canal.