Personal Memberships

Each year many dedicated individuals support the Heritage Society with both their money and their talents. Members assist in a variety of functions and are in turn eligible for a variety of benefits. If you are willing to make this level of support, please fill out our Personal Membership Application and mail it too:

Canal Fulton Heritage Society
116 South Canal Street
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

Among the benefits of being a member (aside from the sense of pride you can claim for helping support our properties, archives and programs* ) is the chance to be awarded a college scholarship. Any member, whether an individual or part of a Family membership, is eligible to apply for the Gladys Burgert-Mitchell Scholarship. Be sure to also review the current scholarship criteria so you know how this process works.

Business Membership

Aside from individual personal members, the Canal Fulton business community is also welcome to join our membership. We certainly depend upon the support of business partners and as a business member you are also eligible for various benefits. If your business would like to commit to this level of partnership please fill out and mail in our Business Membership Form.


Whatever your gifts and talents may be, would you consider contributing them to the Heritage Society? While we certainly need the financial support of the community we also understand that times are tough and money can be tight. We also recognize how valuable your time is and we appreciate any help you can give. If you are willing to support our efforts with the gift of your talents please indicate what areas you would be most interested in on our Volunteer Form and mail it to us.