What Your Support Means

Show us a roof that never needs fixing, or flowerbeds that pull their own weeds, or a Museum that consumes absolutely no energy costs yet will automatically adjust its internal air temperature to a pleasant 75 degrees whenever visitors show up. Show us these things and we'll show you ... well, I don't know, something else that is impossible...

Basically, what we are saying is that it requires resources to operate a not-for-profit community organization like ours. MANY thousands of hours have been donated by Heritage Society members and other volunteers to this organization over the years. It takes a dedicated core of individuals to serve as Committee Chairs, Trustees or Officers, but it is JUST AS VITAL to have other individuals who are willing to donate a few hours a week or month to sit in the Museum, or pull weeds or paint walls or provide whatever other talents they may have.

*Do you have a few hours that you could invest into the preservation of your community's history?

*Are you unable to help physically but could contribute financially?

*Are you retired and looking for a worthwhile cause to give your experience too?

*Are you a student looking to gain some experience?

*Does your business have services that it would like to donate as a tax write-off?

Income-Tax Credit

Recognizing the value of non-profit organizations, the Federal Government allows contributions from individuals and businesses to be deducted from your federal income tax (see the IRS for details). If we have already convinced you to help out, your checks and correspondence can be mailed to:

Canal Fulton Heritage Society
116 South Canal Street
Canal Fulton, OH 44614

Your Support Matters

If you still need some convincing then consider... "What if the Heritage Society were to disappear?" Well sure, the city municipality would continue as normal (it would just be a shame that some of the cultural aspect that the Society provides would disappear). The Canal Fulton Library would continue being the most convenient place for references and resources on area history (though they'd have to build a whole new wing in order to accommodate our collection). There would still be old timers who would "remember when..." (though it would sure be nice to have a Museum where people could walk in to see and touch things for themselves). Canal Fulton wouldn't lose its status as being on the National Register of Historic Places (though some other community historical organization would have to organize so as to fill the void in the City's HPC structure). And sure, there would still be individuals around town who would be fascinated with local history and even collect Canal Fulton stories and memorabilia (we suppose it would just be a matter of whether or not the community was given free access to such records and what would happen to such a collection when it's owner passes on or moves away).

So why have thousands of community members since the 1960's given their time and money to continue supporting this organization? For the exact same reason that its founders took the effort to incorporate to begin with: this organization exists with the sole purpose of advancing, encouraging and promoting Canal Fulton history.

For sure, we owe our existence to the Clyde Gaineys of the world but the real strength of the Heritage Society is that it is bigger than any one person - it is an entire group of people who year after year work together for a common cause.

What It Means to be Non-Profit

Call us old fashioned, but not everything in life is about "the bottom dollar." Many of the most worthwhile (and even rewarding) things people do aren't motivated by financial gain. Whether a parent providing for their child, a nation's sons or daughters serving in the military or a sympathetic neighbor volunteering at a soup kitchen - surely, motives like responsibility, pride and love can't be quantified with money. It is from the out-pouring of such concern and generosity that non-profits are born and that they are sustained.

Trustees and Officers of non-profit organizations like the Heritage Society don't receive financial compensation for their time or efforts; their dedication allows for the Society's resources to go directly into operations and programs.

However, just because we don't operate with the intention of making profit (indeed, our purpose is to give back to the community) we are still a business and have expenses. While we receive some revenue from a variety of sources, it is only with YOUR support that we can keep our doors open.