Cleaning up around the community was the first project the Heritage Society undertook in 1968

There is Something for Everyone

No matter your age or station in life, everyone can get involved in preserving our local story and the charm of our historic town. Above everything else, it is our intention and purpose here to encourage preservation of the rich heritage in Canal Fulton. *

"Yeah, but what difference can I make?" you may ask...Well, we have a variety of suggestions for what you can do to get involved with local history. Whether school children, senior citizens or anyone in-between, everybody can find some type of project that will contribute to the preservation of our community's unique story and atmosphere.

Like any non-profit, fundraisers are an important part of our organization. You can aid us in a variety of ways by showing your support!

You also might consider making a donation to the Heritage Society. Whether it is your time, services, money, or talents we would greatly appreciate your contribution. Our organization exists to serve the community, but it also depends upon the community for support.

Have some tid-bits of local memoribila? Through the years, we have been given a variety of accessions each contributing a bit of something unque to our collections of Canal Fulton history and artifacts. If it was meaningful enough for you to have hung onto it all these years, mightn't it be something our organization could help use to document life here in this historic community?

Like any community club, members and volunteers make up the backbone of the Heritage Society. It takes no special skills to become a member but over the years the Society has been able to offer a variety of programs and activities based upon our members' strengths. As we are a not-for-profit organization, we count on interested and able volunteers to continue advancing our cause. Members may also attend our meetings in order to stay up to date on our efforts. Likewise, anyone so interested can check out our old newsletters.