The Piecemakers

*This community quilt, assembled in 1976 in honor our our nation's Bicentennial, was featured in the January 2022 issue of American Quilter Magazine.

American Quilter Magazine

*For Joetta Brownfield's original article on this Bicentennial Quilt check out Volume 8 Issue 2. of the Canawler Newsletter.

The Bicentennial Quilt

The Canal Fulton Bicentennial Quilt

The 2021 season was an exciting time for the Canal Fulton Heritage Society. In July, the museum had two visitors that would bring the quilt in the museum to prominence once more. The couple began asking about the history of the quilt and the people who created it. After they left, Dennis Thornton, the docent of the museum, began a search for the history of the quilt. Along with Robert Hodges, they found an article a few weeks later in the July 1976 edition of the Canawler, a local paper. In the article were the names of the people who used their talents to create a beautiful expression of the history of Canal Fulton:

Joetta Brownfield, Mrs. Kerstetter, Mrs. Dian Papasodaro, Dorothy Konen, Betty Ayers, Clara McLaughlin, Gladys Simon, Judy Bloom, Deltha Schroeder, Maxine Houger, Lois Hartel, Mrs. Donna Harriman, Mrs. Margaret Stiles, Mrs. William Knight, Opal Mays, Margaret Baughman, Ruth Chancey, Virginia Swart, Mary Lou Reighart, Nita Hammer, Peggy Laboucane, Marilyn Kaploski, Emma Hinebaugh, Marylyn Pielman, Janelle Gilcher, Lucille Rinehart, Doris Harris, Pat Wiley, Penne Steiger, Gertrude Hardgrove, Thelma Albright.

The Heritage Society is actively searching for any of the original quilt makers, their descendants or friends that would like to share any stories about the making of the quilt. Listed above are the names we have of the people who donated their time, ideas, and community spirit. Please contact Dennis at to share your memories. If you would like to view The Canal Fulton Bicentennia Quilt, please visit or at the Heritage House Museum from 12-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays from May through September located at 103 Tuscarawas Street Canal Fulton, Ohio. We are grateful that Kimberly, a former resident of Canal Fulton, and her husband were our visitors. An article by Kimberly Einmo about the Canal Fulton Bicentennial Quilt and the Piecemakers was published in the January 2022 issue of the American Quilter Magazine.