Accessions: Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Artifacts Yearning to be Preserved...

The program for the 1878 Canal Fulton high school graduation ceremony is just one of many pieces of local memorabilia in our archives

Another way you can contribute to the preservation of Canal Fulton history is to donate items of an historical nature. The foremost reason that we have hundreds of photos, documents and artifacts in our museums and archives is because somewhere along the way someone decided NOT to throw them away. Then, the decision was made to preserve and display them for both the community and visitors alike by donating them to us.

*Do you have boxes of old Signal newspapers in the basement?

*Maybe those old photo albums in your great-Aunt's attic don't mean anything to you and your kids now that she is gone.

*Maybe your grandparents have a collection of Canal Fulton memorabilia stowed away in the garage that they don't want anymore.

If you have unique local items of an historical nature that you don't want to find storage for yet you would hate to just throw away, would you consider donating them to us? If so, please contact us and then fill out our Accession Form and bring it with your contribution.